Of teapots in varying shapes and sizes

It is often said that a teapot is a complete pottery experience, since its crafting combines “throwing” a pot on the wheel, making a perfect lid, trimming, glazing and firing. Add to it brilliantly ingenious aesthetic touches that span the classical, the abstract and even the funky and you have a teapot, the likes of which you can view at T-Adda.

Showcasing the works of leading ceramic artists from Auroville and Puducherry, the exhibition is all about stunning concepts, shapes and colours.

The teapot journey takes you though faces etched on convoluted shapes, cracked raku-like surfaces, classical shapes with the prettiest of glazes, ingenious forms that invite debate and more.

The journey is at once classical and contemporary — a connect between the past and futuristic sensibilities.

Nearly every teapot at T-Adda looks like a collector’s item. Usha Kane’s cactus-inspired pots are visually stunning. Gopal’s classic teapot swimming with fish, Chinmayi’s inventive handles, Rakhee Kane’s cracked surfaces, Puneet Brar’s etched faces, Ray Meeker’s unforgettable creations, Kumaresan’s funny teapots … all attract. The show is on at Prakrit Arts, 9, Dhandayadhapani Nagar, II street, Kotturpuram, till March 31.