Poor, poor men...

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IS IT A MAN'S WORLD AFTER ALL? Traditional roles assigned to men are being rewritten
IS IT A MAN'S WORLD AFTER ALL? Traditional roles assigned to men are being rewritten

It's a woman's world out there. Or is it?

It's such an unfair world, such a lopsided world. My son - if I had one - would absolutely hate it! He certainly won't be thrilled if I answered his rhetorical "How was your day, mum?" with a "Wonderful! I wrote about women achievers." "But mum," he might ask, surprised, "didn't you do that yesterday? And the day before too?" "Well, son," I might have to explain, "it's the world's favourite past time. How can I not join in?" Tell me, won't that scar the poor dear for life? Give him a complex about being a man in a highly woman-centric world? A world where only woman and their achievements are fêted... and the men who equal or surpass their achievements are simply given short shrift!

No men's special

Don't believe me? Then how would you justify this? March 8 is International Woman's Day - but did anybody, anybody at all, bother to dedicate an `international' day for men? Or even bother to reserve an MTC bus as a `men's special'? That's not all. If a woman drives a lorry, she becomes a `symbol of emancipation,' and will be the toast of several `morning-shows' while men-lorry drivers are noticed only when they go on strike! If a woman climbed Parangimalai in stilettos, she will probably become a national (or at least, regional) heroine, whereas sherpas who climb the Everest everyday make it to no front page! Women's under-garments are glamorously dubbed `lingerie', with reviewers raving about the style, cut, colour and fabric, while men only get to wear `underwear.' Unfair, isn't it?

Men in kitchen

Of late, it's the men who are forced to storm women's bastions - from the boardroom to the bathroom! Look at the kitchen, for instance. Men have grabbed the `karandi' and are doing quite a good job of it - you should just taste their instant noodles! In fact, they constantly crib that it's the `fussy' women folk who throw them out, complaining they leave it looking more like a battleground than the kitchen. As for hand rearing offspring, men, my sources tell me, are willingly coming forward to coo and cuddle the infant, especially when it's clean and well fed, clocking an impressive three hours 45 minutes a year on fatherly duties! Mind you, that's a whopping 89 per cent increase from a decade ago! They're also admittedly learning from their female counterparts `how to watch a game of football in a civilised manner', `how to score high marks in public examinations', and even `how to cream corporate citadels'.

Final analysis

It's true! Women outscore men in more ways than one. Can a guy even walk in stilettos, let alone climb a hillock?Small wonder, women end up with all the attention and adulation; and men end up in an unfair world! Poor, poor men. APARNA KARTHIKEYAN




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