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Still centre The balance and poise of his work is striking
Still centre The balance and poise of his work is striking

Skill and dedication is quite evident in Poosapati Parameshwar Raju’s works

Calligraphy, by definition, is the art of beautiful, stylized and elegant writing. Clear, expressive and rhythmic strokes of ink on paper using pen or brush often mark the creation of a good calligraphic work.

Being an intricate and graceful art, it expects the practitioner to be proficient not only in wielding his instrument but also skillfully applying the right kind of pressure and movement to come out with a pleasing and meaningful design. “I have been taken up by the content, form and depiction of Indian iconography for quite a while,” says 47-year old calligraphic artist, Poosapati Parameshwar Raju, whose one-man exhibition is currently on in the city.

“I have experienced the sudden emergence of a symbol from the temple walls and its strength to carry information and at the same time make over all instincts in the process. My practice is my prayer. The beginning is a concentration to draw out submerged forms. The imagery does not follow a stimulus outside rather the flow from my nib carries the thought.” Raju, who completed BFA in applied art from Govt. School of Art, Marathwada University, Aurangabad has experience in advertising and designing.

Besides being the Head of a Design Studio, the Hyderabad-based artist is also the director of a documentation and networking forum, Kalahita Art Foundation, Raju groups his body of calligraphic work as ‘Bliss of being’. In his rendering, he tries to conjure up and bring to life ancient texts, syllables and other references.

Some of his creations work up symbols whose meaning and intent may not be obvious on first look. Several others, however, take on obvious easily decipherable icons like Ganesha and Sun God. A whole series is based on the mystical syllable, aum. There are instances where he attempts to grasp the physical and spiritual dimensions of trees, birds and animals.

The skill and dedication of the artist is quite evident in the displayed works, as is the balance and poise of his imagery. At the same time one sees a lack of depth and expression in some works which remain on the surface as mere pleasing images. There is an excessive sweetness in some others. The best examples are those where that are minimal in strokes, restrained in colour and delicate in expression.

The exhibition concludes today at Ethos Art Gallery, 5th Block, Jayanagar. Phone: 26630706.





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