Planet healing

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SHOWING THE WAY Sheila Dikshit planting a sapling at the Ridge
SHOWING THE WAY Sheila Dikshit planting a sapling at the Ridge

Unless we take heed fast, our earth will no longer be a nurturing home

`The earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed.' These are the words of none other than the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi. But do we realise this? Like an infection that grows more and more virulent, the continent-size hole in the earth's ozone layer keeps getting bigger and bigger. Former President of the U.S., Bill Clinton recently stated at the University of Texas, "Global warming is a greater threat to future than terrorism." All this shows the magnitude of a serious problem that human beings are not realising. Welcomenviron was established by the ITC-Welcomgroup Hotels, with the aim of practising the principles of conservation: to create a safe, harmonious and ecologically balanced environment.

Green lungs

Recently on World Environment Day, Welcomenviron espoused the cause of saving the green lungs of the Capital, the Ridge forest in the heart of the city. The highlight was a three-km trek into the ridge forest and back, flagged off by Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit. But the sizeable presence of children and the elderly made the difference. The enthusiasm among them was noticeable. With all zeal and keenness they planted trees. Composting also took place. There was also a demonstration of paper recycling machines followed by a film on the environment. "Conserve paper, preserve forests, will be the underlying theme _ for this year's activity," says Anil Chadha, Resident Manager, ITC Maurya Sheraton, New Delhi. "As a responsible corporate we try to draw attention to issues that afflict the environment a whole." The United Nations theme for this year's World Environment Day was, `Don't Desert Drylands'. Global warming is no longer just a prediction. It is actually happening. It is undisputed that the average temperature at the surface of the Earth has increased over the past century by about 1°F (0.6°C), with both the air and the oceans warming. Tall trees, sparkling water and the soaring heights, some of them are memories, some are out of sight. Gone are those days - nostalgia, now they are tears from the sky. Rightly said, unless we change the direction we are heading, we might end up where we are going.SANJEEV CHOUDHARY




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