Keep pets indoors this summer

Temperatures are soaring and breaking records this summer. Consider the heat that we humans feel, and add fur to the equation! Our animals are at risk for a host of heat-related problems — sunstroke, dehydration, rashes… Heatstroke can be fatal, ditto dehydration.

A Mumbai-based animal-welfare volunteer Neha Choudhary informs that a German Shepherd was left on the terrace by his owner in the blistering sun. “The dog's nose started bleeding, and it kept bleeding through the night. It was only the next morning that the owner got to know about this. They rushed him to a nearby animal hospital, which is where I met him. The dog's condition was miserable, and we immediately placed a tray filled with ice and cold water, on his nose. After fifteen minutes, the nose stopped bleeding.”

Follow these rules to avoid heatstroke — keep pets indoors, preferably under a ceiling fan; provide 24 X 7 access to drinking water; take special care of foreign breeds (those with heavy fur coats); don't leave them in parked cars or vans; and keep emergency numbers handy, when symptoms of dehydration and stroke are observed.

For details on their summer safety, visit (the Humane Society of United States — HSUS) or ask your vet.


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Hero of the week

Govind is our hero for rescuing a German Shepherd that was either lost or abandoned by his owners. The two-year-old pooch has been nursed back to health.

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