India’s turning out to be a pretty pet-friendly country with resorts catering to those whose families include the furry kind. If you’re going on vacation, taking your pooch or kitty along might be the best way to go considering how they’re known to make kids laugh, lower your heart rate and provide you with the kind of unrestrained affection that’ll dissolve your stress. INDeco Hotels that runs heritage and theme hotels in Mahabalipuram, Swamimalai and Yercaud gives guests a memorable vacation that includes their much-loved pets. On their blog,, the management says that pets can stay in the same room as their human friends who are provided disposable linen and trash bags for hygiene and convenience.

“It’s good to see the pet community increasing. INDeco cares for pets,” says Steve Borgia, CMD of the Global Eco Tourism award-winning hotel chain. The hotel has a dedicated set of rooms for people with pets and has set out some rules to ensure that no guest is inconvenienced by their animal-friendly policy. Prior bookings are asked for and there’s an additional charge for pets. Seems fair, considering that a vacation with the family dog is so much more fun. Here’s hoping restaurants and cafés follow suit. Says one Melbourne-returned dog enthusiast: “There are many countries with outdoor cafés that allow dogs. They even set out water bowls for them”. Smart thinking, for what better way to acquire a human’s loyalty than to pamper his best friend?

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Gayathri R. admires her daughter Aishwarya. G, a Class VII student for her kindness to animals and willingness to help them. “A few days ago, our dogs were barking a lot. We saw a very tiny kitten outside the house. My daughter immediately searched all around the lane where we live, found its mother and her litter and returned the kitten to her.”

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