Pet care

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Bathing and grooming

Give your puppy a bath once every three or four weeks with a good soap/ shampoo, to remove external parasites. Do not use lotions and creams or kerosene as these can be harmful.

Health care

Your pet must be de-wormed and vaccinated against rabies and other diseases.

Where to keep your puppies?

A puppy needs comfort and company. Do not keep your puppy caged at all times as it can become aggressive and unmanageable. Letting a dog free only at night does not provide the necessary exercise.

What to feed your puppy?

Homemade food such as rice, vegetables, egg, bread, dal, meat.

Do not feed them with onions, garlic, grapes, chocolate, coffee, tea, salt or too much spice.

Feed them at least two to three times a day until at least six months of age. Adults can be fed once or twice a day.

Fresh water should be available at all times.

Keep the food in the bowl for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Do not feed only leftover food to dogs.

Basic obedience

Teach your puppy to sit, lie down, and ‘not to jump’ at people.

Never punish your dog.

Reward them occasionally with biscuits.

Call the vet!

Symptoms that indicate that your pet needs a vet consultation

If their coat is dull, dirty or matted

If their teeth are dirty or smelly

If the gums are red

If the eyes are red, watery or discharge a lot.

If the ears are dirty, smelly or have wax

If the nose is watery. Or, if there is a green discharge.

If they have not been vaccinated for more than two years

If your dog has been given only puppy shots or not been vaccinated at all




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