PeopleSri M says that spiritual evolution doesn't need you to cut yourself off from the world

His simple attire and amicable disposition make him appear like an erudite yet friendly man-next-door. You are taken in by his disarming smile and very clear eyes that betray nothing but warmth in them.

You have a vague idea that he is someone who has spent considerable time in the Himalayas in meditation and other yogic practices going by his recent autobiography “Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master”. Sri M was in Hyderabad recently Still you have not discovered the real persona beneath these outer layers!

You open the book penned by Sri M (a yogi), and start reading the first chapter. Very soon, you will find yourself sitting upright and ‘studying' the book seriously.

It gets to be gripping as each chapter unfolds and your awe turns into astonishment and then into actuality.

Certain parts of the book, which is a torrential pouring of Sri M's experiences