Paradise on earth

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DREAM DESTINATION Parunthumpara is a mlange of shades of green
DREAM DESTINATION Parunthumpara is a mlange of shades of green

Home to scenic landscapes

If heaven were on earth, it would have to be Parunthumpara. The place does away with the misconception that all road-less-travelled destinations are tucked away in remote corners and the roads leading to them are as good as "non-existent."Located near Peerumade, Parunthumpara is a dream destination. Accessible by an autorickshaw, my journey begins at seven in the morning. While taking a sharp U-turn spiralling around a mountain, the driver asks "This is Mathai kokka, have you heard of it?" He continues, "People believe it is a cursed place as it is an accident-prone area. It all began when one Mathai fell into the gorge here along with his bullock cart some decades ago." Curious, I ask if he believes the story. "Yes, I won't come here at night. Many who have been involved in accidents at night say that they have heard the sound of a bullock cart moving." After many more nerve-wracking curves, we reach Kallarkavala Junction. As we progress uphill, an intoxicating smell of flowers comes wafting in the cold wind. A few kilometres off, we reach a new world.

Refreshing greenery

The vehicle comes to a halt on a flat terrain. The refreshing greenery of a meadow is bordered with a misty curtain. A small deserted temple can be seen in the distance. Cattle are seen grazing. The vehicle starts and I get in. Another two hundred meters and we reach a plateau. I was awestruck. The whole of Peerumade emerges before my eye. I notice a large stretch of rock protruding into the gorge from the corner of my eye. It resembles a head of bird. Treading cautiously, I get the bird's eye view of the place. "So, that's how Parunthumpara (Eagle Rock) got it's name," I thought. This is no place to prove how nimble you are. Misty depths lure dangerously as I move slowly to safety. A waterfall deep down in the valley looks like the size of your index finger. After a couple more hours enjoying Nature's paradise rich with scenic landscapes, I head back. How to get thereParunthumpara is eight kilometers from Peerumade. From Kallarkavala, it is five kilometres. As Parunthumpara is yet to become a tourist destination, it is advisable to buy refreshments at Peerumade. The road leading to Parunthumpara is good.





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