Unwind at Spa Oasis in The Grand for a perfect break

Massage is one magical word, which with its mere utterance can make you feel nice and relaxed. The feeling is such that words often don’t do justice. How many times have you felt like sinking into a warm jacuzzi, getting into a steam room or being massaged? The very thought is associated with luxury. And if luxury sounds attractive, Spa Oasis at The Grand is the place to be, with its specially designed monsoon packages to uplift your spirits and rejuvenate your body. Francis Gill, Associate Director Spa, has come up with body rubs, wraps and beauty treatment, priced at Rs.1500. While those with inflamed skin and prickly heat can find solace in rice and sandalwood healers, those looking for the ideal treatment for oily skin can go in for a citrus salt scrub. The sea salt along with essential oils even reduces tanning.

Indian women have been using turmeric as a cleanser for centuries together. Gill has added oatmeal, honey and fresh milk for a complete cleansing effect.

Toxics from the body can be removed using a white mud enhancer, which leaves the skin satin smooth.

In the world of health and wellness, we may have Ayurveda to offer to the world. But we also have a thing or two to learn from others. The South Asian countries are a treasure of invigorating spa treatments.

Thai healer (Rs.3500), Balinese Boreh (Rs.3000) and Javanese Lulur (Rs.3000) are different experiences that one can try out at The Grand. A herbal rub, followed by a brisk massage and a herbal wrap completes the package.

“We have innovated and done our own research before creating these treatments. We have used 18 natural ingredients in the Thai healer, while the Balinese boreh has 35 items like sandalwood, cinnamon and ginger. Javenese lulur constitutes 21 elements. We sit down with our clients, see their body type and suggest a treatment accordingly.

It also depends on how much time they have,” elucidates Gill.

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