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Yes, the parents dress up their pets. Lassie sits with hair curlers on while her “mommy” drapes a custom-made outfit around her. Bono wears a Michael Jackson wig and a bandana while the demure Elsa gets an aromatherapy massage before getting into her polka-dotted skirt and shoes. Sundar Ramaswamy of Kabbs Pet Spa and Boutique says, “Pets come to us for a grooming session before parties. Some prefer bows, some get hats or a mohawk…We also have a range of organic shampoos and products.” He adds that fitness is an important aspect, something pet parents are aware of. Kabbs organises exercise classes for pets and owners. Sakshi Dawa, marketing representative of Heads Up For Tails says, “We receive plenty of custom orders for pet products. Clothes, accessories, diners, beds there are regular demands for these. Sometimes we receive orders for sherwanis or turbans for pets and the price is anything between Rs. 4,000 and Rs. 6,000.” Given the demand this Delhi-based brand is now available online and ships orders across the country.

There are owners who spend Rs. 20,000 a month on their pets’ needs. The pet industry clearly is booming and be it their food, toys, grooming or well being, pet owners are more than happy to pay a premium for their best friend.