EVENT Delhi’s first organic food mela, hosted by People for Animals, takes place this Sunday

With the increase in pollution, population and sedentary lifestyle there is an increased danger of health related problems as well. One of the solutions is to turn to organic products. It’s the need of the hour to change our eating habits and go organic. And to create awareness for the same, People for Animals, an NGO run by Maneka Gandhi, is hosting Delhi’s first organic food mela with 20 of the largest organic food manufacturers from all over India on December 16 at the Jor Bagh residential park (behind Mandir) from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

What does organic food mean?

Organic food denotes food that is made without any dangerous additives, without poisonous pesticides and chemical and petroleum fertilisers, industrial solvents, sewage sludge and irradiation. They are pure foods with clean earth nourishing them and sunlight and rain bringing them to maturity.

One of the participants Vipul Bansal, representing Annapurna Organic Food, said they will be showcasing around 250 of their products. Their 10 kg ata/wheat flour will be priced at Rs. 350 and their mustard oil will be priced at Rs.165 per litre. “Even though our products are expensive as compared to the standard rates of the products, still they are worth buying because of their numerous health benefits,” Vipul said.

Another participant Daisy Malik who was once a principal of a school but now owns a retail store, The Roots Organic Lifestyle, has an interesting real life story to share why her family and she turned to the organic lifestyle. “My grand daughter was three-months-old and she got allergic to milk and dairy products.

Doctors couldn’t understand what was wrong with her system that she got rashes on her body whenever she was fed. Just by researching on internet we experimented with organic milk and milk products and we saw a miracle that she was able to digest it. Now she is three and a half years old and able to live a healthy life. Since then our whole family turned to organic products and I felt my duty to contribute to the society by opening an organic food shop and create awareness about it”

The stalls at the mela will have everything from different kinds of grains, lentils and vegetables to food that has been packed without preservatives from pickles and savouries to breakfast foods and confectionary.


Even though our products are expensive still THEY ARE worth buying because of THEIR numerous health benefits