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Cinema One, a horror film by debutant director Parthan Mohan, is based on a real life incident

A story to tellParthan Mohan and Arjun Mohan
A story to tellParthan Mohan and Arjun Mohan

The horror genre is one of the less-explored avenues in the Malayalam film industry. Parthan Mohan, a debutant director, attempts to revive the genre with a ‘hatke’ take through his upcoming movie – One .

The movie, a horror thriller, tells the story of how a weekend getaway of six IT professionals turns awry, leading them to a series of supernatural events.

“The movie is based on a real life incident. It is based on a similar incident in Scotland, involving a group of youngsters whose hiking trip went awry. When my brother, Arjun Mohan, who chanced upon the incident in an academic seminar, narrated it to me, I immediately found the premise for a movie in it. Soon, the ball started rolling, and there was no looking back,” says Parthan.

According to Parthan, his film is one of the few horror movies in Malayalam that brings in chills in the audience without a ghost! “The protagonists themselves are the limelight, all throughout the movie. We have tried to capitalise on the four major elements of horror, namely, image, sounds, editing and music – to bring out the horror element in the movie,” he explains.

Parthan has deliberately reduced the number of shots in the movie so as to ensure a more gripping experience. “This technique, employed by filmmaking masters like Michael Haneke, ensures that users get a better viewing experience. The movie, which runs for 103 minutes, has only 45 shots in total,” he says.

The film features only one song – ‘Swapname’. The song, set to tune by Ashwin Johnson, and rendered by Sreeram Thinkal, is already making waves online through YouTube and Facebook. One features a set of debutantes cast in the lead roles in addition to leading actor Jagadish. The actors include Devika Nambiar, Rosin Jolly, Soumya, Vinu Mohan and Vishnu Nandan.

The film has been written and produced by Arjun Mohan. The movie released on Friday.





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