Unchained Reaction

Discovery Channel, 9 pm

In this brand new challenge oriented series, two teams of different professions face-off in a challenge of creativity and ingenuity to build the most massive, over-engineered machines. From catapults to guillotines, battering rams to massive fireballs — except the unexpected when it comes to Unchained Reaction . Teams are tested to think on their feet, problem-solve and work together. In the end, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage from Mythbusters will evaluate two machines and declare the winning team.


Discovery Kids, 10:30 am

Discovery Kids presents cricket in its classic avatar — gully cricket — in Howzzattt . Combining cricket with animation, Howzzattt brings family and friends together to enjoy the enduring series. The show unfolds the story of victory of good over evil in an engaging narrative for the kids. The good kids group calls themselves as Gulab Nagar Junglees and they put in lots of hard work and play the game by the rules and manage to outwit their opponent by sheer determination and guidance by their loved coach, Sweety Aunty.

World’s Greenest Homes

TLC, 8 pm

From hi-spec super-homes fit for Hollywood to experimental eco-dwellings that belong in a sci-fi film, World's Greatest homes features high concept, one-of-a-kind homes that are on the cutting edge of sustainable building technology. Take an exclusive tour of these homes from around the globe and see how to coexist with the environment without leaving a great impact or sacrificing comfort. think it’s impossible to be green and glam? Well, think again!