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Watch HancockOn Zee Studio
Watch HancockOn Zee Studio

Feel the music with the popular contemporary band Advaita as they feature on Big CBS Spark’s Thank God Its Rock on Friday tonight at 9.30 p.m . In 2004, when the Indian underground music scene was witnessing a transformation, the idea of being a cover band was replaced by a spirit of innovation and creativity. Amidst deep discussions on the meaning of life and some inspirational jamming, Advaita was born. A fusion band from Delhi, Advaita’s music can be described as spacey, psychedelic, rustic and earthy yet sprinkled with electronically produced spiritual sounds To know more about the band, watch as they narrate their story on Thank God Its Rock on Friday.

***The powerful superhero John Hancock has become a joke because of his alcoholism and clumsiness. He has also become the most hated man in Los Angeles. Though he has saved many lives, he also destroyed a lot of property, costing the city millions every time he goes into action. When he saves the life of PR expert Ray Embrey from an oncoming train, the executive is thankful and believes he can restore Hancock's image as a true superhero. He brings the anti-hero home for dinner and introduces him to his son Aaron, a big fan, and to his wife, Mary. But for some mysterious reason Mary doesn't want Hancock anywhere near her or her family. Watch Hancock today at 1 p.m. on Zee Studio.




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