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On the morrow

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Learn About the tale of Kalki
Learn About the tale of Kalki

C orruption and sin have spread their tentacles within the human race. Mankind awaits a saviour who shall guide them to the path of redemption and greater consciousness. Their last hope lies with the prophecy of Lord Vishnu's tenth avatar taking birth at a small village named Sambhal in India.

With the appearance of auspicious signs, the great sage Ved Vyas performs a grand yagya in a dilapidated temple to facilitate the advent of Lord Vishnu on earth. The five elements combine to form the most potent life force. However, the dark forces are plotting the downfall of mankind. The advent of Lord Kalki is imminent as mankind faces its biggest test. The comic book series “I am Kalki” is a dark thriller set in contemporary times and is inspired from Indian mythology. It incorporates elements of fantasy also.

The book costs Rs. 80 and is available at Landmark and other book stores across Bangalore.




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