Tarot reader Bhavana Sharma has come up with a new book

Tarot reading has achieved sudden popularity with the glamour that has become associated with it. While some believe it to be a science, many call it an expression of the occult sciences by which our lives are changed. Tarot card reader Bhavana Sharma has recently authored the book “Just Tarot”. Tarot, as she defines it, means to enhance one's inner self through spirituality, cleansing the self, and exploration of religion. As a tarot card and rune stone reader, Bhavana sincerely believes “every house should have a tarot reader”. “Just Tarot” speaks about the basic symbolism of the science and meaning associated with this form of astrology. The book is written in a language understandable by a layman. With not many Indian authors choosing to take up the subject. Bhavana plunged into the field on recognising it as her life's calling. After quitting a well-established career in advertising six years ago, she dedicated herself to practising spirituality and intuitivism that she always felt she had. She also practises crystal healing and colour therapy. She lists Govinda, Ridhima Kapoor Sahni, Nafisa Ali, Raageshwari and other celebrities among her clients.

Calling Govinda an “astrology- conscious” person, Bhavana says Nafisa Ali is “a dear friend, a true humanitarian and extremely helpful”, while Ridhima is “a delight, with a genuine manner, good education and sweet personality.”