Interview Robert Pattinson talks about shooting to fame playing a vampire, handling popularity, and his other projects

H e is the most romantic vampire on earth, whose heart beats for a human. Robert Pattinson, the face of Edward Cullen, the vampire longing for love in the “Twilight” series rose to stardom with the role. He is upbeat about the latest instalment of the movie “Breaking Dawn Part 1”. Excerpts from an interview:

How changed is the Edward Cullen of the newest ‘Twilight' instalment?

The Edward in this part I guess is the happiest one, more controlled and tolerant. He is more content, as finally after more than a hundred years of solitude, he is getting married.

What is the most difficult thing about being Edward Cullen?

Maintaining the consistency in facial expressions. Many times I feel I just repeated a scene. He expresses his emotions through his body language, which has to be very controlled. Because in Cullen's case, eyes don't say it at all. And, of course, the blood craving . Initially, I was apprehensive about the role, but gradually I was able to stand up and deliver, and lived it up.

Edward Cullen established you as an actor in the film industry, but overshadowed Robert Pattinson, the person. Has it worked in your favour or against you?

People recognise me more as Edward, and not Robert. They say: ‘Hey Edward, you did great…'. I don't know if it is in favour or against, but it is actually not a very good feeling to be somebody else. They know Edward, and not me as what I am. But professionally, I guess I have been able to create an impact and have given a face to Edward Cullen, like Pierce Brosnan did for James Bond. And that is what an actor wants I guess. But I'm sure I will have a life after ‘Twilight'. I'm just not sure what it will be.

Your enactment of Salvadore Dali in ‘Little Ashes', despite being very intense, wasn't accepted by the audience...

I have never related to a character more than Salvadore. Playing Dali was a complete turning point for me. It was a role that required a really serious mind. I became obsessed with Dali during the filming. He was the most bizarre, complex man, but in the end, I felt I could relate to him. He was incredibly shy, kind of introvert, just like me. But people found it actually weird, because for them I was Edward Cullen.

How do you deal with all the fame and attention, especially being a shy person?

I find it difficult to handle. At times, I feel like an animal in the zoo, with people staring at me. And because I feel that all the attention is for Edward and not for me, it is difficult to be him all the time. The funny part is that it feels incredibly boring being popular. I don't feel like a movie star. It's almost like an alter-ego. People running after you everywhere. I am still coming to terms with it (stardom).

Tell us a bit about your upcoming movie ‘Bel Ami' and your role in it

It is about a guy of the 1890s who rises from poverty to wealth experiencing turbulent times with passionate affairs and political issues. I play the central character.


People recognise me more as Edward, and not Robert…but it is actually not a very good feeling to be somebody else