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BEAUTY A head massage and a cut that gives the momentary feeling of bliss

MODErN RAPUNZELA self liberating experience
MODErN RAPUNZELA self liberating experience

Bangalore now boasts of a new salon -- Lakme Absolute Salon – in 1, M.G. Mall. Situated on the first floor, the place is designed with glass walls that give you a glimpse of the busy traffic buzzing past as you get a pedicure, hair cut, head massaged or the works. The best part of this view is that you literally feel that you have stepped out of the race and are in a place where time has come to a standstill.

The staff is friendly and skilled and soon as I zero in on the hair spa and hair cut, I am immediately put under the care of the hair expert and stylist Arun Kumar.

First he checks my hair like a doctor would do and then goes on to inspect my scalp with a machine, after which it is a series of questions regarding my hair care. He pulls out a card and writes – Moroccan Spa. “This is the massage that I suggest for you as your hair is dry and brittle. The sun and pollution has taken a toll on it. This spa therapy will soften the texture and you will feel the difference immediately,” says Arun.

First it’s a lovely head wash with a gentle massage. Then it’s a half hour massage with a cream. This feels so good that you almost doze off. This massage is different from the desi one where you get knocked on your head with knuckles or even palms, which is then followed with a rigorous rubbing of your head and scalp. This spa, on the other hand, is gentle. It more soothes you nerves and with the perfect pressure on the pressure points on your head, and eye brows.

After a half hour of this, the tired shoulders and the nape of the neck and ears are also massaged. Then you are treated to a 10-minute steam, after which you get a complementary foot massage! That really does it. Now, all I can think of is a warm bed to snuggle in and sleep.

But as soon as the massage is done I am taken off again for a hair wash, which is followed by a hair cut. “Your hair is thick and cutting it in layers will add more volume and make it unmanageable. So we suggest that you go in for a ‘U’ cut, which will kind of tame your hair,” explains Arun.

As he is the expert, I nod to his suggestion and he personally snaps off my long locks and my head suddenly feels light. He also suggests that I buy a bottle of Moroccan oil and apply “just a drop of it to add shine and body to my hair”. He does that and my hair feel so beautiful that I just can’t stop running my hands through it.

Finally, with a wide grin, I walk out of the salon with a bounce in my hair and steps. The hair spa starts at Rs. 1,200 and above. Lakme Absolute at 1, M.G. Road Mall can be contacted on 22086677.





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