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BOOK Crushes, friendship, and love don’t change with years, says Preeti Shenoy in The Secret Wish List


T he Secret Wish List is author Preeti Shenoy’s heart-warming tale about friendship and following your heart, she says. “It is an unusual and interesting love story. Very often, we are the victims of our own circumstances and we play along and do what is expected of us. Many of us in India still do not stand up to our parents or family and we sacrifice our personal needs, for the sake of family. Over a period of time, this results in extreme frustration and unhappiness. I noticed this in many marriages and have always wanted to write a story on it.”

The ultimate push to tell this story came from the passing away of a close friend and Preeti thought it was imperative to convey the message of how short and unpredictable life really is and why it is all the more important to follow your heart; the book was launched recently at Phoenix Marketcity. Preeti draws heavily from life and features the cities she has lived in, the countries she has travelled to, her memories from school and college. “My experiences do influence my writings. But of course, the writer in me also adds a dash of imagination to it, like seasoning, and gives it wings.” She recalls, “When I was writing this book, I thought about my days in school, as the book starts with a 16-year-old protagonist. Then I had a talk with my 15-year-old son and realised that when it comes to crushes and friendships and pranks, nothing much has changed; it is still the same. There is really something magical about that phase of one’s life. And sometimes, even after 20 years, you can still recall many things in vivid detail.”

Preeti learned early in life that books opened minds and doors to magical worlds.

“My father was an avid reader and no matter which place we went, my dad would make sure that we joined a library and more books would come into our home. I could not imagine how in the world people wrote books. ‘How can they write so much?’ I used to ask my dad. ‘Little by little,’ he would answer. I would try to see how their thought processes worked. Never did I dream that one day I would become an author! For me being an author is a dream that has come true.” ( The Secret Wish List , published by Westland is priced Rs. 175)





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