Palna drew attention to the cause of homeless children

“While economic prosperity can be measured through indicators such as GDP growth, it will be a much better proposition if a compassion index can also be added, which will make us more sensitive to the needs of the underprivileged sections of our society,” said Tejinder Khanna, Lt. Governor of Delhi, at a function held to mark the release of a brochure for Palna home for abandoned children, managed by the Delhi Council for Child Welfare.

At a sombre function organised at the Taj Palace hotel this past week, attended by movers and shakers from Delhi’s ample social circuit the celebrated play “Mirza Bagh” was staged to an appreciative audience. Also speaking on the occasion, Neena Macedo, President, Delhi Council for Child Welfare, recounted with justifiable pride the contribution of Palna, which was set up in 1978 to care for lost children, who might have been rendered homeless due to crisis and breakdowns in the family. The adoption programme that now runs very successfully commenced soon afterwards. The brochure, which carries evocative messages from people across the globe, elaborates the state-of-the-art-facilities available at Palna, which houses up to 130 children at any given time.

The brochure pays homage to the late Aruna Kumar, who dedicated over 20 years of her life for the welfare of underprivileged children, through her visionary and all-encompassing efforts.

With over 2400 families having benefited from the adoption policy in the last 28 years, DCCW has indeed emerged as a hub of adoption for the world. The lifelong welfare of these children, and their families, will be the most appropriate tribute to the memory of ‘Kumar Madam’, as Aruna Kumar was fondly called by one and all. With a mushrooming of agencies — some with dubious credentials, as is evident from reports emanating in the media often — that claim to work for the benefit of the weaker sections of our society, it is field-based platforms like Palna that should be a source of inspiration for those truly interested in doing their duty towards these children.