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Trend Quite a few who opt for MNP are numerology-driven

S ome time ago, the talk around town of mobile number portability (MNP)) evoked many ‘oohs' and ‘aahs'. Change my network while retaining my old number forever… really? It seemed like a wonderful possibility.

The chance to hop from one network to the other, while getting the best of the schemes available, however, took its own sweet time coming. Now that it's finally here, is it really as hot an idea as it was a year or two ago?“Yes, many have come forward to change networks,” says a sales girl at a network store, doling out pamphlets and forms to customers regarding MNP.

The reasons for people rushing to change their numbers vary. Youngsters, for example, want to be part of the same network whereby they can avail themselves of schemes that allow them to talk for 10p a minute and save on a few rupees.

On the other hand, working people who are fed up with their networks for various reasons such as coverage while travelling want to change their networks while keeping their numbers. Yet another reason for retaining the old number; and the most interesting one, has to do with luck. “I specifically chose my number because the last five digits added up to 9, and I think it has brought me luck!” says Sandeep Jayakumar, a student.

Numerology is now popular even when it comes to phone numbers. For example, if a number ends with 24057, adding all the digits will give you 18, which on adding again, will give you 9. Get one of these, and you're all set for a lifetime of good luck! Vanaja, whose daughter is to be married shortly, says: “I think my daughter's cellphone number found her a good match. It's the one her fiancé called on. Her number is lucky so she'd better keep it forever!” Many believe that numbers can foretell your future and bring wealth, health, opportunity and love. And all it takes is patient searching and a little math. There are also the fancy numbers, much like car number plates that people look for. Some get numbers that end with a slick 007 or even a morbid 666 to be unique. Our phone numbers seem to have become an extension of ourselves. Often, people with special numbers get complimented and gloat over it. Now that MNP is here to stay, you can keep those fabulous numbers and get full ‘paisa vasool' on whichever network you choose to use.





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