Spices have been an inalienable part of the Indian cuisine and most Indian dishes have that luxuriant aroma thanks to the liberal use of spices. And now to enhance our favourite dishes in Indian cooking, Amalgam Specialty Foods has come out with a range of add-on ingredients called ‘Keya – Herbs, Seasonings and Spices. This offering comes in a variety of flavours like Basil, Oregano and Parsley within the range of herbs; Cardamom powder, Chilly flakes and Cinnamon powder amongst the spices, and Italian, Chinese and Salad Seasonings amongst the range of seasonings.

Priced between Rs.65 and 85, the products are available in major cities across the country. A highlight of the product is that they are all freeze dried to keep them closest to fresh and available in ready- to-use flip top bottles.