Warm and friendly

Diya Mirza is quite the friendly person still. No tantrums unlike her production partner Zayed Khan. She was seen queuing up for the ferry passes at Macau ferry terminal and smiled and acknowledged the cheering crowd and posed for photographs. She didn't mind taking a slow walk to the ferry with a friend in tow unlike the others who hid themselves behind caps and dark glasses on a dark cloudy sunless day.

Watch your step

Ranbir loves to dance and in his first live performance at the same awards in Macau, ever since he started acting he proved that he can do it all. He entered the arena from the roof flanked by safety guards and floored the audience with the Bachna Ae Haseeno number. He moved from the stage to the place where the audience was seated with ease and danced with people from the crowd. But in one such act where he was supposed to run and climb a makeshift staircase, he almost lost balance and even as the crowd screamed out of concern Ranbir was unfazed. He quickly regained his balance and continued as if nothing happened.