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Not when women in our country still feel unsafe…

Photo: .AP
Photo: .AP

My history textbook says India gained its Independence in 1947 but poet Bharathiar had said that India will be independent only when a woman can walk in the streets feeling safe. These days, rape is a common word in newspapers. From a six- month-old baby to an 80-year-old woman, nobody is spared. That’s how perverted and sick the Indian male has become. Even our so-called political ‘leaders’ don’t do anything about this.

These rapists are typically homeless people who are lured into the dark underworld. They don’t have a place to live or food to eat, so when there’s a place called jail in India where they give biriyani for lunch, and a sheltered place to live, they are not going to be scared of 10 years of imprisonment. If this is the degree to which the law is going to be changed, then we will only have to be silent witnesses to further such brutalities. They say there should be proper sex education, but are any of these rapists even educated?

Corruption, molestation and harassment are the words that are now linked to India rather than a democratic, independent country. I should stock up on candles, as we’re going to do a series of candle-lighting and protests for the years to come, as rape is never going to stop in India. Either give women the right to have a gun or give death penalty to rapists.


XII, D.A.V School




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