While the songs of “Padagasalai” are passable, the same cannot be said of “Indirasena”

The audio of Devavijayam Filmmakers' “Padagasalai” was released recently at AVM Studios, by directors ‘Kalaipuli' Sekaran, V.C. Guhanathan actor Prasanna. The film's director Tamil J. said the film revolved around a young man who strives to bring together two villages at loggerheads . The cast includes Sathya, Aravind, Zanjay, Sruthi and Preethi Pushpan, Bonda Mani and Sissor Manohar. Music has been scored by Hitesh. There are six songs in the film, and the best are ‘Uyirin Uyirey', (Madhu Balakrishnan and Anu), written by Karisal Muthu; and ‘Nilavo Paniyo' (Mukesh and Priyadharshini), written by Sivasri. First-time singer Siddarth has done a good job in ‘Saalai Indha Saalai', written by Karisal Muthu.

Another song by the same lyricist, ‘Angala Amanukku', has been rendered well by Mukesh. ‘Konjum Kumari' in Karthik's voice and Karisal Muthu's words is a different number.

The last song in the album ‘Theru Koothu' is sung and written by Kovai Musthafa, whose voice sounds a lot like Nagoor Hanifa's.


Baba Cine Combines' film “Indirasena” has four songs, with music by V. Thashi. ‘Sukka Sukka' is the only good one, sung by Krishnaraj and Karunaji, and written by Sharvan. ‘Nan Parthadhile' is a tragic remix of the original number of the same name, and is sung by Prasanna and Vinaitha. Makkal Dasan has the audacity to call himself the lyricist of this song, after changing just a few words. Sadly, this piece also has a repeat! Srinivasan (not Srinivas!) has not done justice to ‘Thulli Thulli'.