Deepika Arwind

Mumbai is a breeding ground for all sorts of gangsters, big gangsters, small gangsters, girl and boy gangsters, and that’s the story the playwright narrates in Nobody Sleeps Alone . Of gangsters who laugh, do the mujra, and fall in love and when it’s time to do the dirty business, shoot people.

Bangalore-based Deepika, who splits her time between writing and theatre, says it was Bollywood among other things that allowed this play to develop, “And because I’ve been brought up on a steady dose of Hindi cinema, growing up, they began to occupy a space we’ve encountered several times in films: that of the underworld. A plot unfurled as a result of this. Many conversations (some with myself) later, I decided to put them onto paper. I think their names had a huge bearing on who they would be.”

Arwind is a writer and has won awards and fellowships for creative writing and has had experience as a theatre writer. And as far as performance is concerned she has been involved with theatre since her days in school, more recently she was seen in Black Coffee Production’s The God Of Carnage and Rafiki’s The Memorandum .

Nobody Sleeps Alone gives you a lot of room to imagine, may be a basement in the south Bombay of Grant Road, a burly and matter of fact Godfrey Singh Joseph, and Sarayu may be a dark-skinned goddess with a penchant for the edge, Wazir, under confident, seeking approval and may own a gun. Supported by a plot that shakes it up, head to head, and rolling for a win.