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No short-term goals

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FITNESS Actor Kunal Kapoor says he has no diet plan, but is particular about adhering to a daily work-out

Mix and match worksKunal Kapoor
Mix and match worksKunal Kapoor

It’s the start of a new year and we’re still not out of the usual natter on how the last year was and what it brought to us. Actor Kunal Kapoor too is no different. The Luv Shuv Te Chicken Khurana star feels 2012 brought him some “really good stuff” and some “really bad stuff” — a mixed bag.

Luv Shuv was a wonderful experience. We wanted to do something new and do away with the typical “Hindi-Punjabi” work which is often too loud and over the top,” he says. Being entirely based on food, did the movie affect his everyday eating habits? Kunal sighs, “It’s very painful to do a food film because you have to eat the same thing over and over again. In the first take, you’re happy with the jalebis. But by the end of 15 takes, you’ve had about 30 jalebis and you never want to see jalebis for the rest of your life.”

Kunal says he does not have a diet plan, unless he’s doing a film where he has to look fit. He admits to having “an extremely bad sweet tooth”, and often eats the desserts before a meal. “I’m fortunate my metabolism is good. I can eat everything and get away with it. Otherwise, I would have been obese by now,” says Kunal.

Fitness has always been his priority. He is regular at the gym, and practises Kalaripayattu and Parkour. “I enjoy this combination,” he says. When it comes to physical exercise, Kunal firmly believes one should never look at short-term goals. “You shouldn’t be like, ‘in three months I have to lose so many kilos’. What then happens is, you lose the weight in three months, but in the next six months you put it on again,” he says. He also believes fitness should be fun. While following a routine, Kunal tries a mix of different things, just for fun. “It shouldn’t be a burden. Your goal should be to look at exercise as something that keeps you fit as opposed to something that just makes you look good,” he says.

Kunal is appreciative of his co-star Rajesh Sharma, who played second fiddle in Luv, Shuv … “He is a fantastic actor. It’s unfortunate that someone who’s so talented, had to wait for so long to get the right break. But there’s no stopping him now.”

Kunal is currently working on an action film, and will start shooting for it this year.


It’s very painful to do a food film because you have to eat the same thing over and over again




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