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STAR TRACK Actor Kunal Kapoor thanks his metabolism for responding fast but tries as hard not to falter with his fitness routine

Mix and match worksKunal Kapoor says being an early riser he can devote more time to himself despite a busy schedulePhoto Shiv Kumar Pushpakar
Mix and match worksKunal Kapoor says being an early riser he can devote more time to himself despite a busy schedulePhoto Shiv Kumar Pushpakar

It’s the start of a brand new year and we are still not out of the usual natter, on how was our last year, what did it bring to us. Young talented actor Kunal Kapoor too is no different. The Luv Shuv Te Chicken Khurana star feels that year 2012 brought him some “really good stuff” and some “really bad stuff” too. It has been a total mixed bag for him.

“It’s been a wonderful experience with Luv Shuv… We wanted to do something new and do away with the typical “Hindi-Punjabi” work which is often too loud and over the top,” he says. The movie being entirely based on food, did it not affect his everyday eating habit? Kunal, who now endorses the snack Kurkure, sighs, “It’s very painful to do a food film because you have to eat the same thing over and over again. In the first take, you’re happy with the jalebis. But by the end of 15 takes, you’ve had about 30 jalebis and you never want to see jalebis for the rest of your life.”

Kunal says he does not have a diet plan, unless he’s doing a film where he has to look incredibly fit. He admits having “an extremely bad sweet tooth”, and often has desserts before the meal. “I’m fortunate that my metabolism rate is exceptionally fast, probably faster than Usain Bolt. I can eat everything and get away with it. Otherwise, with the amount I generally eat, I would have been an obese person by now,” says Kunal, thanking his stars, and hoping it doesn’t slow down.

Fitness though has always been his priority. So he leads an an active life, such as by being regular at the gym, practicing the traditional martial art form from Kerala, Kalaripayattu, besides practicing yet another art called Parkour. “I enjoy this combination of things,” he says. Kunal is an early riser, so before anyone wakes up and gets ready for shoots, he gets 2-3 hours for himself and ends up doing everything that he has to do. “I think that’s a bit of an advantage,” he adds.

When it comes to physical exercise, Kunal firmly believes that one should never look at short-term goals. “You shouldn’t be like, ‘in three months I have to lose so many kilos’. What then happens is, you lose the weight in three months, but in the next six months you gain it again.” Also, what better way than to have fun with it? While trying to follow a routine, Kunal always has fun with his exercises, by mixing it up, challenging himself and trying out different things. “It shouldn’t become a burden. Your goal should be to look at exercise as something that keeps you fit as opposed to something that just makes you look good,” he says.

Not just fitness goals, Kunal is particular about his personal and professional goals too. He is often very critical of his work, is seldom satisfied with his performance. Before signing a film, there’s a combination of things Kunal looks for, “like the character to be played apart from who the producer and director is.”

“It is an instinctive decision but a lot of things have to fall in place before you decide whether you want to do the movie or not,” he says.

He is the first from his family to enter the profession of acting, has always had a fascination for movies. He began as a production assistant after which he became an assistant director, and then moved onto acting. “I remember watching a movie every night when I was a child and growing up as well,” he recalls.

On his co-star Rajesh Sharma, who played the second fiddle in the film and garnered immense appreciation for his work, Kunal is appreciative, “He is a fantastic actor. It’s unfortunate that someone like him, who’s such a brilliant actor, had to wait for so long to get the right break. But there’s no stopping him now.”

Kunal is currently working on an action film, and will start shooting for it this year.





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