No pain, all gain

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Leisurely Doing it with ease
Leisurely Doing it with ease

EXERCISES that were ‘simplified’ to delight T.SARAVANAN and also make him feel fit

No exaggerated movements of the body, no stress on your heart and of course, no loss of hard earned money. Yet you find the exercise working wonders and you return fit and happy.

“It is the trick of our simplified physical exercises,” beams M. Pandi, Master (incharge) of training session at Temple of Consciousness.


The tag ‘simplified’ impresses me and when I reached the place, it was indeed simple. There were no over-sized and scary equipment or any other paraphernalia or no muscular trainer to put you at shame. Instead, I could feel a kind of bliss when I stepped inside the big hall to meet the trainer.

“We call this place a temple and it is good that you are in tune with it. Our exercises may not bring down your weight overnight, but they are aimed at improving your fitness. Besides, no limb or internal organ of the trainee is subjected to any strain,” he is very particular in making me understand that the exercises are in no way inferior to any other workout regime.

There are nine basic routines that include, exercises for hand and leg, neuro-muscular breathing exercises, eye exercises, kapalabathi (that involves the head), Makarasana (part A and B), massage, acupressure and relaxation.

The hand exercises combine yoga and aerobics and it has seven postures including hand and shoulder rotation. Though it is called a hand exercise, it also involves hip and knee rotation.

“Each routine addresses to specific problems and the benefits are immense. It improves circulation of blood, heat and air. Life force in hands and arms becomes normal and regular. Hands and shoulders get strengthened. Arthritis and conditions where you feel numbness in your upper limb gets reduced and cured in due course of time,” the trainer lists.

Leg exercises concentrate on foot reflexology, strengthening ankle and foot through rotation. There are around seven postures. “By pressing and massaging the sole and toes of your foot, important organs of the body such as heart, lungs, intestines and brain are activated,” Mr. Pandi encourages me. The next set of neuro-muscular breathing and Makarasana exercises are yoga techniques that massage the viscera. “While the neuro muscular breathing regulates the endocrine system and oxygenises the blood, Makarasana strengthens nervous system and reduces weight,” he says and cautions that these exercises have to done under the supervision of experts. What follows are the eye exercises that correct defective eye sight and also prevent eye-related ailments. The Kapalabathi exercise, is a forceful exhalation and inhalation that relieves sinusitis. By massaging your abdomen, head, ear and temple your internal organs are strengthened. Final session includes acu pressure and relaxation techniques.

The time taken to explain the exercises was more than doing the actual workout. But then at the end of the day, I felt light and fresh, which I hoped to carry through the day.

For details dial 0452-2526461 or 9994761851 for Mr. Pandi or M. Marimuthu, Administrative Officer of the Temple.




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