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CHAT Yaana Gupta has now come out with a diet book. She says the new venture aligns with the philosophy of her life

GOING PLACES Not interested in typical Bollywood fare, Yaana Gupta has turned author PHOTO: RAJEEV BHATT
GOING PLACES Not interested in typical Bollywood fare, Yaana Gupta has turned author PHOTO: RAJEEV BHATT

Yaana Gupta has come a long way, from being the quintessential ‘bijli girl,' setting the screen on fire, begetting the faint-hearted advisory, “ choone se jal jaaoge, samjhona khuli phuljadi …”! Well, that was then, although she does manage to turn some heads, every now and then. The Czech beauty, known for her peach and cream complexion, who started modelling at the age of 16, is here with a book this time. How to Love your Body And Get The Body You Love , marks her debut in the field of writing, and is being widely inducted as ‘the next-gen diet book.'

“I was into diet, health and fitness for many years, thanks to my job, because you know you have to take care of your body, and look in a particular shape. I was always reading books on nutrition and exercise. At one point, I had lots of friends coming up to me, asking me how to lose weight, and how to get fit. I realised, I really enjoyed talking about it, and I can spend hours doing it, so that's when I thought why not write a book about it,” says a beaming Yaana.

So what is the book all about? “Well, the first part of the book, really talks about my journey —which was quite a struggle — with food, and how I developed an eating disorder, which I realised much later. So, it starts with the memoir, which deals with how I started modelling, and how I really started struggling with food, and then it goes into how to eat healthy, and then the last part talks about how to think healthy,” reveals Yaana.

Celebrities are known for their bizarre diet routines, so is the book targeting any particular segment? “No, this is definitely for regular people, who do not want to go crazy about their diet. If you have too much of resistance to a particular food item, and you know you cannot be having it, but then, you have it because you still want to, then you feel guilty. That creates negative emotion, leading to energetic shifts in the body, eventually causing disease. So my approach is all about being at peace, and being joyful when eating,” replies the writer.

Image makeover

Asked if this new venture is aimed at achieving an image makeover, she responds, “I would actually love if that happens, because I think my image is pretty much not what I am about. I don't regret it, but I can see that it's got nothing to do with the real me, it's the people's perception. It's obviously based on the particular type of work that I have done, but the thing is, I have done this because this was the kind of work that I was asked to do. If I did not have this image, to start with, and if people approached me with different kind of work, I would love to expand that. It's not that I just want to do sexy item songs. It would be great if the book helped me in some way, because I really feel people perceive me with a very definite image. But the real intention of writing the book was to be able to share something I truly believe could help a lot of other people.”

Yaana has made a conscious decision to stay back in India and not go back home and also retain the surname, she got after she married a Mumbai-based Indian.

“I love my surname, because honestly that's the Indian part in me. After I went through divorce, I never really felt that I want to go back to my maiden name. At this point, I don't think it really matters to me, because people know me, but I guess, it might have helped me in some way, in the beginning.”

Just a few item numbers and some insignificant appearances is what Yaana got to do during her stint in Bollywood. The actor asserts, “I am not interested in commercial Bollywood, and I really don't connect well with the Bollywood industry and their mindset. I feel, Bollywood and art don't kind of go together for me. There are a lot many things I got disappointed about in the process, the fact that movies are copied, to the point where I am shooting for some song, and the choreographer is looking at a video of Pussycat Dolls, and trying to create the same thing, and obviously our set is pathetic in comparison! That really made me feel, that I can't go on and do this.”


My approach is all about being at peace, and being joyful when eating




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