Friendship between individuals and among a group can flourish only if there is mutual trust and effective emotional communication, and when there is no ulterior motive. What matters in friendship is not the duration, but the capacity to give and receive. Although the electronic media can be used for maintaining established friendships, trying to initiate and pursue a new friendship using that medium often ends in failure.

Dr. V. Muthukrishnan

Consultant Psychiatrist Apollo Hospitals

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When wavelengths match

Friendship is crucial to help an individual maintain his balance in today’s world. A friend is a perfect buffer for the frustrations one faces at work, the uncertainty one has to deal with every day, and other pressures. In the hospital scenario, friends of patients have a “magical effect” during treatment, particularly when the patients are depressed or anxious. Friendship cannot be bought by spending a whole lot of money; it is all about finding a person with the same wavelength with whom you can share your thoughts, and turn to for advice, help and some laughter, anytime and anywhere.

Dr. Usha Raghavan Subramanyan

Dr. K. M. Cherian’s Heart Foundation

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What friendship means

The desire to be liked, to enjoy the affection of friends and to get along easily and pleasantly with other people is a universal need. A casual acquaintance or a working relationship sometimes evolves into an enduring friendship. At times, siblings, relatives and even offspring may not qualify for a friendship of that nature.


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