Making a resolution has become a fad. Whether they like it or not, people do it to show that they are also part of the society. How strictly they follow them is a million dollar question. The students of Fatima College tell T. SARAVANAN their resolutions for 2012 and express the desire to follow them.

New Year rekindles the unbridled enthusiasm among youths to make resolutions that range from fitness to food, from good habits and best practices to different career options. Though many consider it to be western in attitude, it is not so in reality. It is just that people need an occasion to introspect and correct.

“The interest people evince while making resolutions does not stay long. For some it lasts just one day. Their resolution fizzles out even before it takes shape which only shows lack of determination,” says Taarika Muthukrishnan, III B.A. Sociology.

Students were divided in their opinion. While some supported making resolutions, some were against it as they felt it as compulsion. Majority of them were subjective in their approach.

“Last year, I made one and I was not able to follow. This year I am in a dilemma whether to make a resolution or not,” says Margaret Infant Jeniffer. C, I B.A. English.

But, they were unanimous in accepting the fact that it helps one to correct. According to them it is the time when they renew their interests, set new targets and try to achieve them.


“If you have decided to make a resolution why do you wait for an occasion to do it? I don't believe in doing things out of compulsion. I am a bit short-tempered and I have resolved to stay calm and make others happy. I am also a shopaholic and I wish to reduce my expenditure.”


III B.A. Sociology

“Fear of failure to follow resolution forces me to stay away from it. But I am not going to leave it, as it is a good habit. I am basically a music lover, I wish to become a guitarist and support people, who are struggling to come up in life, through my music.”


I B.Com

“2012 has given me fresh hopes. I am graduating this year. My responsibility has also grown multi-fold as I have got a placement in a reputed company. I wish to perform well in my new assignment. I will try to restrain myself from playing the blame game.”


III B.Sc. Maths

“Make a resolution only if you are able to follow it strictly. I have resolved to donate my pocket money for those who are in need of education. I have also decided to spend for the education of the child adopted by my sister.”


I B.Sc., Home Science

“Past experiences always play a big part in deciding your next step. In this case, I am also in the same position. While it is a good opportunity to correct yourself, I still need time to make up my mind. For now, I don't want to make any resolution.”


I B.A. English

“I was an introvert earlier, but I have changed a lot now and I am happy. Now I want to chat more with my friends. I wish to grow a long hair.”


III B.A. English