Tara jewellery has just been launched in the city

Tara jewellery has been recently launched in Kerala. This brand offers diamond set in stylish designs. Says the franchisee at Kochi, Honey Vijayan, “This jewellery is third party certified by DGLA (Diamonds and Gems Laboratory of America).” The jewellery, which was on show at Abad Plaza for two days this week. The collection will be exhibited at Honey’s exclusive boutique at G 61, Panampally Nagar.

The exhibits comprise bangles, pendants and ear pieces and rings. Most of the jewellery exhibited can be mixed and matched to form sets. The collection of bangles and rings, though seemed extremely limited, as compared to the other products.

Priti Mehta of Tara says, “We source our diamonds from De Beers and the stones are worked upon in our factory located in Mumbai.

The entire collection is machine made and studded in 18 carat gold and white gold. A customer can place an order for a particular design and it will be made for them.”

The passionate jewellery lovers however, who have a penchant for hand crafted jewellery, would find the collection disappointing. The lack of jewellery made of coloured stones and a mix of coloured stones and plain diamonds, limiting one’s choice to plain diamonds is what disappoints.

The Director, Anirudh Deo said, “We use only SI quality diamonds. Despite this we have managed to cut the cost for the buyer by a great deal by not only avoiding using a celebrity as our brand ambassador but also by avoiding showcasing of our jewellery in big showrooms. The benefits from this marketing strategy go directly to our patrons. We would be willing to allow a change of design for free but the customer will have to bear with the difference in price. We also have a 90 percent lifetime buy-back on the jewellery though it would not be at the prevailing price of gold at the time of buy back but at the same price at which our buyer had purchased the jewellery.” This basically implies that the buyer should buy the jewellery for its quality and uniqueness of designs offered and may be not from an investment point of view.