General Mills India has launched Dip Trix Choco Cookies in two new flavours of cream – Vanilla and Toffee. They are available in an international on-the-go tray pack, at a price of Rs. 5.

Dip Trix already comes in three flavours, Chocolate, Strawberry and Orange.

HERE’S THE SUN Fourteen fresh styles make up the new Tommy Hilfiger Sport Sun Collection. This eyewear line for men and women offers sport-influenced details such as rubber temple tips and adjustable nose pads, and is complete with a wide array of lens options, including 8 base, toric and mirror lenses.

All the eyewear is 100 per cent UV protected, making them both fashionable and functional.

Priced between Rs. 3,000 and Rs. 6,000, the collection is available at Tommy Hilfiger Flagship Stores in Chennai and leading optical stores countrywide.

MOOD RINGS Dollars & Pounds Launches Mood Rings, priced at Rs. 70. The rings reflect the state of your emotions.

Thus dark blue indicates a happy, romantic or passionate temperament, blue signifies calmness or a relaxed state of mind, blue-green for somewhat relaxed, green a normal state, amber for nervous or anxious, and black for a tense state.

The stone in a mood ring is either a hollow glass shell filled with thermotropic liquid crystals, or a clear glass stone sitting on top of a thin sheet of liquid crystals.

These liquid crystal molecules are sensitive; they change position, or twist, according to changes in temperature.

This change in molecular structure affects the wavelengths of light absorbed or reflected by the liquid crystals, resulting in a change in the stone’s colour.