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Interview Known for her voice as soft as the breeze and her song as deep as the sea, Dido says she had never retired from music

All newMotherhood has made everything fresh and given it an edge according to DidoPhoto: Ap
All newMotherhood has made everything fresh and given it an edge according to DidoPhoto: Ap

English singer-songwriter and mother of new-born Stanley, Dido is back with an album that is special on several levels. Although the album was planned for a 2010 release Dido took her time with the album and making music. Her album Girl Who Got Away follows her adventures and journeys and she shares the experiences and feelings in the album. The album is more upbeat and contains all kinds of flavours, colours an emotions. In an email interview, Dido talks about her album and motherhood.

How do you find time between motherhood and singing-songwriting- performing?

Being a mother is very special. It’s a wonderful experience you know! I think all women look forward for this moment. And I am no exception. I feel blessed to have Stanley. He is an amazing kid. Very playful and naughty. And although music remains my priority, now my primary concern is how to become the best mum.

Tell us about the Girl Who Got Away, when did the album begin and how did it fall into place?

The Girl Who Got Away reflects the feelings of a girl who wants to get away from all her worries and responsibilities, and wants to enjoy a worry-free life at least for a while. The fact that the album is being released after five years did make a stir. All of a sudden people kept asking why it took so long to release this album. But the lyrics were written long ago and the plan was to launch the album much sooner, sometime at the end of 2010. But at that time I found out I was pregnant with Stanley which was great. And even with my baby-bump I was still working with the album. It felt so different. With the baby coming and the album on its way, there was a sense of fulfilment which was fantastic.

How have the developments in your personal life contributed to your music?

You know I am very grateful to Stanley and motherhood! Through his eyes, I see the world differently. It makes it so fresh and gives it an edge. I mean everything seems so different in life now. In fact I even hear the songs differently now. You know the song “No Freedom’ on the record? It was written about one thing and now when I listen to it, it seems completely different which I like better.

Are you a better singer or song-writer? What does Stanley think?

LOL. I have not a single clue about what goes on in his mind. He has his own world. And you know to me both singing and song-writing are very creative works. Most importantly I enjoy doing them both. For me song writing is an ongoing process, I scribble all the time. When I was touring, I set up a small studio in the hotel room and I wrote ‘Girl Who Got Away’, ‘Love to Blame’ and ‘End of Night’ there. It was fun!

Are you enjoying being back?

I never felt that I retired or something. I mean I have always been involved with the music even when I was taking some time off and travelling around the world. I would visit a new place, experience something new and then I would scribble a song. But yes it always feels fantastic you know when your fans love your songs and you hear them cheering for you. For me it’s very inspiring.

Which is your pick from the new album?

All the songs are close to my heart so I can’t pick just one and say look this is the one, this is my favourite song. It doesn’t happen like that! I had lot of fun doing all the songs and I like the variety. I am not saying this to create a gimmick but it’s true, the songs feel so relevant to me. While listening I can instantly connect myself to them.





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