Book A new book has indentified and recorded 641 flora species of the Nilgiris

“From cradle to coffin, every single custom of the Todas is associated with plants and trees,” says N. Krishna Kumar, director of Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding (IFGTB), Coimbatore. He has co-authored Flowering Plants Of Sholas And Grasslands Of The Nilgiris along with P.S. Udayan (an assistant professor in Botany in Kerala with rich research experience in the flora of the Western and Eastern Ghats), S.P. Subramani (currently in-charge of the Fishcer Herbarium at IFGTB, Coimbatore. “The tribals know the names of plants and trees in their language and we have recorded their botanical names, commonly used names in South Indian languages, besides their distribution, habitat,” he says.

The book also covers species associated with homeopathy, ayurveda, siddha, Tibetan, and allopathy. “We have included 641 species that is 90 per cent of species of the Sholas and the grasslands of the Nilgiris.”

P.S. Subramani says, “We surveyed flowering plants, herbs, shrubs and trees. The book has the combined data from the various sholas.”

The book classifies the species taxonomically along with details on distribution, flowering and fruiting time of the species and the altitude at which they are found.

The book costs Rs. 1,150. For details, call 0422-2484100.