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Melody trip

With riyaaz, recordings and shows round-the-clock, there's hardly any time for holidays. Unlike other jobs, when you are into the world of swar and taal you never experience stress. So I have never had a planned holiday or vacation, or felt the need to getaway to a quiet place. Luckily, music has kept us (his wife Mitali is also a singer) on the move. We have travelled around the country and abroad. But we do not always get a chance to snatch time away from our crammed show schedules to go sight-seeing.

* * *

Musical links

I am naturally drawn towards places rich in art and culture. I have always looked forward, right from the early days of my career, to visiting Madras and Bhubaneswar. I revel in the traditional ambience of Madras. People are warm; there are music schools and dance classes all over; sabhas echo with the strains of Carnatic music and Bharatanatyam steps. Besides, there are temples, hot idlis and dosas, the fragrance of mallipoo.enough to calm your mind. Performing in Orissa is pure pleasure as people are steeped in the classical arts. I never miss visiting the Konark temple, an architectural marvel.

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Looking around

There's melody in Nature too. Mountains, rivers, greenery.could actually add depth to your singing. Go out in the open, sing and see the effect for yourself. There are still many who prefer to attend open air concerts.

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Wildlife tales

I read a lot about animals and birds. It's my desire to visit all the wildlife and bird sanctuaries in the country some day. The singer spoke to Chitra Swaminathan




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