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Donald Fagen


This song is from the Grammy Award-winning 2006 album Morph The Cat by Donald Fagen. Morph the Cat is rooted in the fears and insecurities of post-9/11 America. The single H Gang, is the story of a charismatic band that rises and then fades into darkness. The song is almost like a pop song in an otherwise jazz dominated album. The song tries to show the other side of the lives of pop stars and is lyrically more complex. A true audiophile quality recording that one can cherish for years to come.

Steely Dan

Reelin' In The Years

This song is the sixth track from their 1972 album, Can't Buy a Thrill and is a celebration of the guitar. The song went down as one of the greatest guitar tracks and is also the favourite solo of the legendary Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. The song starts with Elliot Randall's powerful guitar rendition, and gradually interlaces with the Donald Fagen's vocals and a powerful chorus. Elliot's demonstration of skills in the middle of the song is a treat for the ears.

Jennifer Warnes

First We Take Manhattan

Written by Leonard Cohen, this track has Jennifer Warnes in the lead vocals, Stevie Ray Vaughan on guitar and Lenny Castro on percussion. Jennifer's seductive vocals seem to come out of an eerie black silence. All in all, a memorable song.

A Perfect Circle

Weak And Powerless

This is the first single from the alternative rock band's second album The Thirteenth Step and is a standout. With Maynard in the lead vocals and Billy Howerdel (of Nine Inch Nails) on the guitar the song has various layers of clean guitars. What first starts as a soft yet active verse then builds into a powerful chorus. Maynard's vocals convey emotions through his beautiful voice and the song is influenced by youth addiction to drugs and its perils.

Mark Knopfler

Punish The Monkey

Taking a leaf straight from his Dire Straits' traits, this song is the most boisterous track from Mark Knopfler's solo album Kill To Get Crimson. This track is rich with trademark country sounds with shades of rock. The song is a portrayal of the boss-employee relationship where the boss is always right and overshadows the employee with his power. Unlike his other solo albums, this album gets really better every time one listens to it.

Those that almost made it

Daughtry: It's Not Over

Dire Straits: Heavy Fuel

Beyonce: Irreplaceable

Guns N' Roses: Sweet Child Of Mine

Deep Purple: Wasted Years

( M. Ramasubramaniam is Assistant Professor, Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Chennai)




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