Meeting Bhupinder was a dream come true for Mitali

“At our home in Bangaladesh, we were hooked on to Manna Dey, Kishore Kumar and Rafi. But when Bhupinderji arrived on the scene, we felt it was nothing like what we had heard before; there was so much emotion and it had a different feel,” narrates the dusky-charming Mitali, the dulcet-voiced singer who has made a mark with her ghazals.

“Years later, when I did get to meet to Bhupinderji it was like a dream come true,” says Mitali, who feels that music and their love of poetry was what resulted in the marriage.

Why didn’t Mitali ever sing in Hindi films? “I was a very shy person. My father used to feel very worried for me. I took part in stage shows, worked with leading music directors, but never managed to ask for a chance. It was also the time when Asha and Lata were at the peak of their careers. And when I heard them, I used to feel that nobody else could every match up to them. Pancham Da used to urge me to sing. But I never mustered courage. Now I feel I should have taken the offer.”

Like their many early ventures, Bhupinder and Mitali are out with their new ghazal album “Chand Parosa Hai” by Times Music. Considering her awe for Bhupinder, do they ever have differences on their projects? “We are critics of each other. It’s a healthy discussion for the betterment of what we do. However, both of us do not believe in being hurried into the race.”