Button mushroom (canned) – 16

Grated processed cheese – 40 gms

Ginger (chopped fine) – 5 gms

Green chilli (chopped fine) – 5 gms

Onion (chopped fine) – 5 gm

Parsley (chopped fine) – 5 gm

Bread crumbs – 100 gm

For batter

Refined flour – 30 gm

Parsley and green chilli (chopped fine)

– 5 gm

White pepper – Few pinches


Segregate the tail of mushrooms carefully without spoiling the natural shape of the head of mushrooms.

Mix the ingredients number 2, 3 & 4 together well, so as to form the filling.

Stuff the above filling into the hollow portion of mushroom head.

Club together one mushroom with other by attaching the filled portion of mushrooms each other and insert one tooth pick through the centre of clubbed mushrooms

Make a thick and smooth batter with refined flour parsley and green chilly.

Dip the clubbed mushroom in the above batter and apply bread crumbs, deep fry in moderate hot oil till it turns into golden brown

Serve hot