Mr. Clean woos housewives

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WITTY Madhavan
WITTY Madhavan

Madhavan played a perfect host at Maddy's Party

If God told Madhavan that he could be any woman celebrity he wanted, did you know he would choose to be Aishwarya Rai? Yes. "Is it because you want to marry Abhishek Bachchan," the woman from the audience who posed that question immediately shot back. "And be part of the Bachchan family?" "Absolutely. Just to be part of India's first film family, I would want to be Aishwarya and marry him. Imagine such popularity and love of the people, without having to win a single election," the host of `Maddy's Party' explained at the MRC Hall.Madhavan, brand ambassador for Vim Drop, ensured that his guests felt at home all evening. After a rather unusual ice-breaker — a cola drinking contest for couples (where the women had to help their men with a feeding bottle full of cola), Maddy, sporting a pin-striped suit over a white shirt, walked onto the stage unable to control his amusement at the sight of grown ups sucking at the bottle. The question-answer session itself was quite a revelation. Who would have expected him to want to be Aishwarya Rai? Or that his role model was Alexander, because he conquered half the world before he died at the age of 33, so long back in time that the world remembers him till date? Or that his most embarrassing moment was walking into the women's loo at the airport in Canada? The sweetest revelation, however, was Madhavan recounting the most romantic moment of his life. "That was when I told Sarita that she would find better boys than me. She told me, I might get better boys but I might not get you." Another participant said that Maddy was a heartthrob in spite of his much-publicised married status. "At the beginning of my career, a lot of people told me I shouldn't disclose my married status. I didn't want to hide my wife. Victory or defeat, I wanted to share it with her. I think people liked the respect I had for her and accepted me." A participant asked him how different is the real Maddy from the one we see in movies. "The `me' in a movie is my alter-ego. Things I want to be in life. The normal Maddy is a lazy guy who likes to enjoy life." The actor was at his wittiest best, as warm as a host could be, and an even better brand ambassador. When he called people to wash a frying pan to test the claim that just one drop of Vim would clean it all, women were queuing up. The Mr. Clean image seemed to pay off. SUDHISH KAMATH




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