book Author Mushirul Hasan says he has explored a different facet of the Mahatma in Faith and Freedom: Gandhi in History

The mention of the name Gandhi evokes black and white images of a dhoti clad man, marching with his walking stick, surrounded by scores of young men and women. And here’s a book Faith and Freedom: Gandhi in History that dissects the man and the myths surrounding him. Authored by Mushirul Hasan, it is published by Niyogi Books. Hasan, historian, author and former vice chancellor of Jamia Millia University, Delhi, critically examines Gandhi’s relationship with Islam and how it shaped his negotiations and understanding of his Muslim contemporaries.

Enormous work

“It is an enormous work documenting Gandhi. Whenever I told people I’m researching on Gandhi, their faces would fall. So much on Gandhi already exists that they couldn’t understand why I would want to write more on the same topic. But a different facet of Gandhi has been explored in the book. It is a book on how Gandhi evolved into the person we know him as. And how his ideologies shaped the country as we know today,” said Hasan.