Monsoon in style

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SILVER LINING As clouds loom large, it's time for a fashion rethink
SILVER LINING As clouds loom large, it's time for a fashion rethink

Don't let the rain cramp your style. Ladies, up your chic quotient this monsoon season with RENUKA VIJAY KUMAR sharing some handy and practical tips

Muddy clothes, bad hair days and clingy clothes give the monsoon a bad name. Now that it's here, it's time to do quick wardrobe rethink. that will help you get fashion wise this season. The first thing to do is to look at fabrics that suit the season. Those that dry easily are a sensible choice. The thicker type of linen can be worn in this season,but if you are on the move, remember linen tends to crease easily and your damp or wet clothes will dry leaving horrible creases.Fabrics like Tencel that is similar to Lycra are quick to dry and offer a snug fit.As with any season that can be unpredictable- sometimes chilly, sometimes wet and sometimes hot and humid- layering works best. For example wear a vest under a T-shirt and a jacket, so if you get wet or dirty, you can take off a layer and still be dressed. Ankle-length skirts in Indian prints with kurtis will help you step over the puddles, as will cropped pants and capris. If your skirt is mono-coloured or cut in an A-line, team it with a blouse or a feminine blouse. Capris can be worn with three-fourths sleeve shirts for a semi-formal/ casual look. Salwar kameez in crepes and drip-dry fabrics are good buys. Drip-dry salwar suits just need to be hung and they dry in a jiffy.Umbrellas are the most popular choice but differently styled parasols and raincoats are definitely not passé. There are many trendy outerwear styles to choose from. Raincoats, jackets and Macs in the latest styles are fashionable and practical. If the transparent raincoats are a bit over-the-top for you, the rubber-lined ones now come in trendy prints with an attached hood. For a heavy-duty raincoat or a trench coat, buy yours from an army supplies store. These khaki and olive-coloured coats will keep you warm, dry and the colours are very in too.You've probably heard `keep it minimum' about a hundred thousand times, but didn't care to listen. Nothing drives home the point better than a dreadful line of mascara streaking down your face or blotchy foundation with washed away compact powder. Use waterproof and water resistant mascara and foundation. For the day, wear a lip balm or a lip-gloss and at night, retain a dewy look with a coat of sheer gloss over your favourite colour.No amount of styling will put your hair in place once its damp and frizzy. If you have straight hair, consider yourself blessed. It's those with wavy or curly hair who have a season full of bad hair days. Instead of trying to straighten your hair, enhance the waves and use a dab of hair serum or a mousse combed through wet hair. Your hair will dry into its natural waves, but will look neater. The gloomy weather does affect our mood, sobrighten up the picture and your environment with some bright, perky colours like reds, oranges, greens and blues.If you love your whites and insist on wearing them, make sure you layer well to prevent a see-through look. If possible, fold your pastels and put them away till at least the season is through.




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