Your date with raindrops and a hot cuppa is a just a click away

The fragrance of wet mud, rain drops sliding from leaf tops, a hot cup of tea and peanuts... a perfect monsoon dream. How about living out the fantasy at a perfect monsoon retreat? Log on to the following sites to visit these dazzling getaways.

Tungareshwar Located on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway, Tungareshwar is a mesmerising hill-station. It is an ideal trekking destination for a day-trip but still has been relatively unexplored by enthusiastic trekkers so far. It is best to visit this place in the monsoons when the silver waterfalls are overflowing and Tungareshwar has a wet, clean, and washed look about it.

Mahabaleshwar The land of Bulbul, the evergreen vast plateau of Mahabaleshwar with long beautiful roads, horse rides and foot paths along forest, takes you through a divine experience.

Alibag Alibag is a great place to be during the monsoon. The beaches, forts and the entire town turn luxuriant in this season. The coconut, mango and areca trees that surround the region make sure that the atmosphere is free from pollution. The palm-fringed shacks which double as massive umbrellas and the Konkani houses offer a perfect picnic spot while it pours outside creating wonderful experience in itself.

Bandipur Wooded by teak trees, the dense forest is an inviting retreat in Monsoons. A part of a larger national park including the neighbouring wildlife sanctuaries of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, this sanctuary is known for its tigers, bison, spotted deer, leopard, elephant, flying squirrel, sambar, sloth bears and langurs. With forest safaris offered by the resorts in the region, Bandipur is an entreating weekend getaway.

Udaipur It's a fantasy trip in this legendary palace built over four centuries by 22 maharajas to impress their subjects and consorts. Situated on the shore of Lake Pichola, this series of buildings with sections dating back to the 1500's is decorated with graceful turrets. L. S. ROHIT