Mother’s Day is around the corner. In addition to the cards and the flowers, here are 10 things to make the day memorable for the special woman in your life – your mother.

Breakfast in bed: Every mother dreams of spending a few minutes more in bed after the alarm rudely wakes her up. For a change, make her a hot cuppa tea or coffee along with steaming idlis, hot toast or crisp cornflakes or whatever and surprise her. Don’t worry about the toast being a little over done. No mom will notice it!

Album of memories: If a digital frame does not fit your budget, make her an album of old photographs and watch her go down memory lane.

Tip: have a theme for your album. It could be one that is full of pictures of her student days or one of her childhood.

You could also make her a card. Nothing says ‘I love you Mom’ than when you bring out the poet in you.

Music for mom: Give her a CD of her favourite songs and let her unwind with the music of her choice.

Books to bond over: If she enjoys reading, give her a gift coupon or books to pore over.

Bear hug: Hug and tell her how much she means to you. If you are far away from mom, call her.

Rather than an expensive gift, sometimes all she wants is to hear your voice.

Pamper her: Book her into a spa and let her take the day off.

For the nature lover:

If she enjoys gardening, gift her potted plants or flowering plants that she likes.

Travel: Gift her an air ticket or take her to a resort and let her explore the place she had always wanted to go to.

Food of love: Treat her to a candlelight dinner or bake her favourite cake for her.

Day off: Make time to talk to her, spend time with her and cancel everything else. Switch off your mobile. Your mother deserves your undivided attention!