For those whose waking hours are defined by their mobile phones, there are a variety of apps that enable them to do the regular stuff (texting, calling, tweeting or playing) better, and some others that allow them to indulge their wacky side.

Here is a list of the good and the silly.


Love fogging up your mirror or windowpane and doodling on it? Now you can do that on your phone. Blow on the mic to fog up the screen and use your finger to draw or scribble. You can even write stuff on the non-steamed screen, breathe on the phone, and watch it appear. Or tilt the screen to play with the water droplets.


Nirvana for people with a stapler fetish (I wonder if they have a name for that), SimStapler is an app that allows you to satisfy your urge without actually stapling everything in sight. The app simulates a stapler, in that it makes you feel like you are actually stapling something. But no, it will not make staples miraculously shoot out of your iphone.

Designated Dialer:

So, it’s a typical weekend. You’re out with your friends, hanging out, maybe a few beers. The next thing you know, you wake up and realise you drunk-dialled your ex-significant other/overbearing boss/bitchy colleague. Sound familiar? Well, this app is here to help you not make that kind of a boo-boo. Designated Dialer locks those contacts you really should not be talking to with the aid of liquid courage. If you do dial, the line will redirect to a toll-free number and remind you of your sober wisdom of locking the contact in the first place.

Hang Time:

Disclaimer: Not for the faint of heart or the ones with light wallets.

Ah, so you have the courage to read on, do you? Well, big guy (or girl), throw your phone off a cliff. No, seriously. Oh, and pray it survives. If it does, and that’s a big if, this app will tell you the amount of time your phone took to speed back to Mother Earth. Good luck, sucker.


Yes, we know you hate her. Or him. We also know that killing is illegal. And you don’t know black magic (at least we hope you don’t). Plus, dartboarding your nemesis’ picture is so old-school, not to mention indiscreet. Fume not, though, your iphone can come to the rescue. The iVoodoo app lets you put a photo of your ‘victim’ on a cartoon doll and assault it with as many pins as you want. Gosh, doesn’t that feel better?