M ore than a week after its launch, the reaction to Google Music varies from lukewarm to outright disappointment. The service, touted to rival Apple’s iTunes, is said to suffer from a lack of imagination. A song costs anything from 69 cents to $ 1.29 dollars. Google has tied up with leading U.S. record companies and has a catalogue of 13 million songs now. But competition is considerable at this point of time: iTunes Store has a catalogue of 20 million plus, while Amazon MP3 cloud has close to 17 million songs.

Facebook phone?

N ot happy being relegated to being just another App on the exploding mobile scene, leading tech site AllthingsD writes that Facebook is working on a heavily-tweaked version of Android for a phone code-named ‘Buffy’. The company is said to be in talks with HTC to manufacture the phone. There is no official confirmation in this regard though, just a vague response from Facebook that they are constantly working with several companies to come up with better solutions. Incidentally, HTC has already collaborated with Facebook to manufacture phones with dedicated Facebook buttons. This speculation seems a lot closer to a possibility.

‘India is’ competition

T he ‘India is’ short video competition is gaining some momentum. The video contest for amateur web video makers across the country has been organised by the Public Diplomacy division of the Ministry of External Affairs and is supported by the Incredible India campaign. The idea is to make a video short, running for less than 3 minutes, and upload it on the official website www.indiais.org. The video has to be a short, positive narrative of what makes the country tick. Log on to the website to listen to Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, who is also an ambassador for the competition, talk about the kind of inspiring video one could put out. To find out more, log on www.indiais.org.