HEALTH Ginseng, is renowned for its anti-aging properties

G inseng is widely popular in China , it was mostly used as a soothing therapeutic aid.

Known to stimulate and energize, it can be taken after a sleepless night, before an important meeting, if you're just recovering from a bout of the flu that has sapped all your energy. Tonics made of ginseng were also touted as China's most potent anti-aging secrets.

“Taking a supplement that contains ginseng is the best way to ensure that your body functions in its highest capacity,” says Seema Singh, head nutritionist at Alchemist Health Institute and Hospital, New Delhi. “It keeps blood pressure in check, speeds metabolism, prevents excessive weight gain, improves circulation to ensure that your body gets enough oxygen and it boosts immune function to help you fight disease.”

In a study published in the Nov 2000 issue of Pyschopharmocology, it was established that ginseng, when taken as a supplement, helped improve one's memory skills. “Ginseng roots can be eaten raw or chewed,” advises Singh. “Make ginseng tea by simmering the sliced roots in water, allowing these to soak thoroughly. Adding ginseng to your soups, salads and food is a good option as well. Diabetics can chew on raw ginseng or use capsules and extracts.” Be sure to consult your doctor before incorporating ginseng in your diet.