2009 - Fear3D , an animated 3D short film made as part of his thesis became the first ever film to be studied using eye tracking (a technique in which infrared cameras are used to track where people are looking at on the computer screen).

2010 - His thesis was published as a book titled, Student Production: Case Study of an Experimental Stereo CG Short Film .

2011 - The Mind Theatre project using 3D Audio.

2012 - He made the 'Create Happiness' video as part of a nonprofit campaign. The video managed to get more than 2.5 million views on YouTube and was featured on the front page of YouTube.

2013 - His work titled ‘Spatial Acoustic Synthesis' was accepted for a talk at the 134th Audio Engineering Society convention in Rome, Italy.

2013 – He is giving a presentation about the sand pile effect he developed for The Croods at SIGGRAPH Dailies at Anaheim, California.